Held at Buckfast Abbey Conference Centre
with Mark Cottle
Parallel Lives : Mary & Elizabeth
Saturday, 8th September 2012
At first glance, the personalities and reigns of the Tudor queens could hardly be more contrasting, not least in terms of length of respective reigns, religious policies, and court culture. The aim of the day is to compare and contrast these two figures and their respective courts for insights into the first two crowned queens of England in a period of great change in English history.
From Drake to Nelson : The Growth of British Seapower
Saturday, 6th October 2012
The early 19th century saw the British navy become the dominant seapower. In the following century, it controlled the oceans of the world as the most striking expression of Pax Britannica. The course will look at the foundations of this remarkable development in the Elizabethan age and follow the story largely in the wake of leading captains and admirals from Drake and Hawkins to Hawke and Anson, Rodney, Howe, Hood, Jervis and in particular, Nelson.

The Yorkist Kings & Their World
Saturday, 17th November 2012
Following the collapse of the House of Lancaster with the defeat and death of Henry VI, the Yorkist kings, Edward IV and Richard III, were to reign England from 1461 to 1485. Themselves usurpers, both kings faced intrigue and continued warfare to secure their kingship. However, despite ultimate failure at Bosworth, the Yorkist kings did much to restore the authority of kingship, in part with policies that the Tudor King Henry VII was to follow successfully.
Monasteruim Resurgans : A Story of Recovery
Saturday, 23rd February 2013
As it stands today,Buckfast Abbey is a unique example of a medieval Benedictine monastery, beautifully rebuilt to an original medieval design. Founded in the early eleventh century, it was dissolved by Henry VIIIís commissioners in 1539 and fell into ruin. Nearly four centuries later, after a building project lasting just over 30 years, it was completed with the final stone laid on the tower on 24th July 1937. Through photographs from this period, we will follow this story of the rebuilding and place Buckfast Abbey in the bigger picture of medieval monasticism.
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