Held at Buckfast Abbey Conference Centre
with Mark Cottle
Enemy Coast Ahead : A Tribute
Saturday, 21st September 2013
Seventy years ago, in May 1943, one of the most daring raids in the history Sf air warfare took place – the Dam Busters attack on the Möhne,Eder and Sorpe dams. The success of the raid made the squadron famous overnight and 617 squadron remained a crack bombing squadron for the rest of the war. With the help of contemporary and later film footage, we will look at the raid itself and the story of the squadron up to the end of the war.

Founder and Heir : Henry VII and Henry VIII
Saturday, 26th October 2013
The rule of Henry VII was to see the end of the Wars of the Roses and to establish the Tudor dynasty. Henry VII grew from the penniless adventurer who had won his kingdom at Bosworth to an astute ruler who restored the authority of kingship. His son built on that legacy but also, particularly in his break with Rome, oversaw radical change which was to define much of the Tudor period and beyond.
From Sutton Hoo to the Bayeux Tapestry : Anglo-Saxon England Revisited
Saturday, 23rd November 2013
Anglo-Saxon England spans about six centuries – a respectable chunk of time in this country’s history. The aim of the day is to take a sweep through the period by looking at some of its defining features e.g. kingship, Christianity, emerging towns and trade, art and literature. With the help of sources from the period we will try to get some grasp of the spirit of this remarkable age.
The Plantagenets : A Medieval Dynasty
Saturday, 22nd February 2014
The Plantagenet dynasty spanned eight generations of English kings from 1154 to 1399. It produced some of England’s greatest kings and some of its less able rulers. The period witnessed great turbulence and change including great cultural achievements in architecture, music, literature and art. The aim of this course is to look at the members of this dynasty in turn, their achievements and failures and to look at something of the cultural ‘spirit of the age’.

The Cold War : 1945 - 1991
Saturday, 22nd March 2014
As World War II closed, mistrust and tension between the two former allies, America and Russia, grew, particularly on the question of what form a post-war Europe was to take. This period of heightened tension between the Superpowers was to last over 40 years, becoming global in scope and, on occasion, coming very close to the outbreak of a 3rd World War. We will track the course of the cold war with reference to particular flash points, e.g. the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Houses & Gardens of Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly
Saturday, 31st May 2014
Cornwall is blessed with a number of houses and gardens of great character and quality. The houses range from late medieval Cotehele, Elizabethan Trerice, the Georgian splendour of Anthony and the essentially Victorian grand house of Lanhydrock. The gardens range from Glendurgan and Trebah on the Helford River to Tresco Abbey Gardens on the Scillies and the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Taking a sweep through time, we will look at the qualities of these houses and gardens in their historical context.
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